Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home and 1 Year Ago

Chase and Owen Kissing

We had a great time in Denver. I loved the events and time with my family. There is nothing like Home, though. Chase and Owen literally melted into their cribs, chased around their own toys the following day and love being in a bigger space. I love having a kitchen!

Yesterday we took good naps and Chase rolled down the two concrete steps at the front of our house. He got a scrape on his forehead and the side of his head. Chase's bump

They ate pot roast for dinner and had their first whole milk. Owen learned to sit from the crawling position-normally he layed on his side doing his "pose, as shown below. Owen's "pose"

Today is a big day-it's my Mom's 60th birthday-Happy Birthday and the last day Chase and Owen will be under 1. Amazing. It's the day I went into the hospital last year. Here's how that went.

Around 2:30 p.m. last year on June 30th, I was finally having lunch after lounging all morning. I was going to run errands. As I was eating lunch I noticed my mouth was not closing and it was difficult to keep food in my mouth. After performing an oral mechanism exam on myself (I am a speech pathologist-remember) I realized something was not right. I called the Dr. and they said I should "go in". I called Jeff, packed my bags and drove to pick him up from work. He was all giddy and I was scared I was having a stroke because I had had some high blood pressure issues. They hooked me up to many monitors at the hospital to monitor me and Baby A and Baby B (unnamed at that time). Everyone looked fine-except for my face, which was slowly falling and not working and no one could tell me what was wrong. I was not dilated or showing signs of being in labor. They decided to keep me over night (we had hoped they would just take me in and do a C-section so we could meet the babies and have them born on my Mom's birthday). We never thought we would have babies in July-my due date was July 13th, but rarely do twins go until their due date. No c-section happened. Jeff ran home to get his things and I made phone calls. They decided to ripen my cervix and well . . . you'll have to read on tomorrow to find out what happened! :)
This picture was taken 1 or 2 days before I went into the hospital. I'm wearing the only shorts that fit me. My best friend Lindzy and her daughter Ela and also pictured. Lindzy had her baby 6 weeks after me. :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Travel, Kate's wedding and such

Our lovely familyThe beautiful Berger family. Susie and Chase, Jeff and Owen.

"you're so funny!"

Kate and the bridesmaids.

Susie, Kate and Lane
Giving Kate some love
Auntie Kate and Lane
Chase loving life in the limo
Watching TV!
Watching TV is so fun!
Chase under the stroller
Chase playing in the hall of our room.
Owen in the bathroom.
Susie and Kate at rehearsal dinner.
Me feeding the boys in our hotel room. Not the best accommodations for feeding!
The Andersons (mom, dad, Kate, Lane, Susie, Jeff)
Jeff, Susie, Lane, Kate
Susie and Jeff
Susie and Lane's brother, Brad at rehearsal
Morgan and Kristen feeding Chase and Owen the night of rehearsal when they babysat.
Susie and Kate at the luncheon.
Kate and Mom
Bridesmaids and Kate

Lane's mom, Martha, Kate, Mom, Susie

Another meal time in the hotel room. Snacking on bread. Chase shoved a bunch in his mouth.
Owen getting ready for a nap in the institutional cribs.
Nap time for Owen and his lovie.

Whew, what a weekend we've had! My sister got married on Saturday in Denver and we took our first flight with the boys. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun. Thursday we flew out with the boys and were both so nervous I almost threw up. Turned out that 2 of Katie's bridesmaids were on our flight and just happen to adore the boys. They sat with us and totally helped out the whole way. Owen even fell asleep in Nida's lap! We went to Kate's house and saw my parents and hung out. Went to our hotel to check in and ended up staying in for the night, as the boys were tired. Jeff went and got us take-out and we had a yummy picnic in our room. We were lucky to get a suite. Our bedroom was separate from the living room area where the boys slept. Thank goodness! The boys got up at 3:30 am Friday morning, so Jeff and I tagteamed and kept them busy until their morning nap. We were exhausted. Chase and Owen had fun exploring the room and finding all the things they could pull up on.

Friday the girls had manicures and pedicures and then a luncheon on the roof of the Warwick Hotel, where we were all staying. It was a nice lunch and the weather was beautiful. Kate's bridesmaids did a great job. Chase and Owen were taken care of by Jeff, who was father extraordinaire for the weekend. He carried the majority of the childcare duties and never complained or looked like he was about to pass out. He was amazing. There was a break in the action so Jeff and I thought it would be fun to take C and O swimming. I got them all ready-suits on, sunscreen on (even 30 minutes before going into the sun) and bottles fed. Just as we were walking out the door we heard thunder and it started to storm. Lovely. Chase and Owen stayed with my cousin Kristen and her daughter Morgan while Jeff and I went to the rehearsal.

The rehearsal went very well with only a few tears from Kate and my Mom. We went for dinner after that and had a few good laughs, including watching my Mom, Amy and Kate do the pompom routine for the ISU fight song (circa 1969). I got it all on video and we had a good laugh later.

Saturday I think Jeff got to have breakfast all by himself. He was asked to join Kristen, but politely declined as it was his only alone time in days. I think he relished the breakfast in silence. My dad and the Fosses entertained the boys. I think my dad had a great time playing with them. He also watched them early Sunday morning while Jeff and I enjoyed breakfast ALONE! :) Chase and Owen had a bath and Owen slipped and banged his head. He had a nice bruise to show for it. The girls got their hair and makeup done and pictures started at 2:00. Katie looked absolutely beautiful and was so excited. Jeff and the boys showed up for family pictures at 2:30. The boys had their first limo ride to an area outside the zoo where we took pictures. The inside of the limo had a mirrored ceiling with little lights that C and O were mesmerized by. They also loved playing with the glasses and we had to hold on tight to keep them from terrorizing the entire limo.

During pictures the boys were great and we got some really cute ones. I'm excited to see what the photographer got. (The boys are currently playing hide and seek around my legs while I type this-it's pretty entertaining.) The wedding was nice and the reception was very fun. I wish I had given my speech before dinner so I could relax a little bit. There was a section of the speech that was totally impromptu about us being "hot". You'll have to hear the story. I think Kate and Lane had a great time and were so happy to be married. We had a great time and there was lots of dancing. Chase and Owen went home early and were babysat by our friend Rachel. This was another great night for Jeff and I as we didn't have to worry about the boys.

We left Sunday after brunch and gift opening at Kate and Lane's house. The flight home was ok-Chase was a little antsy and they both fell asleep 10 minutes from landing. Owen screamed the entire way home in the car and they both crashed into their cribs right as we got home. Jeff and I crashed shortly after this. :) It was such a special weekend celebrating with my sister and her new husband and I'm so proud of her. Love to you Kate and Lane.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More swimming

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Our family on Father's DayDaddy and his boys.

It's been a nice day. We had the Berger's over for brunch. Jeff's parents and his brother and our niece came at 11:00. We ate a ton and had a nice time. We played in the yard, went for a walk to the park and had a nice day all together.
The Berger's, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Pat, Cousin Sophia, Jeff, Chase and Owen.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Radio Flyer

Our neighbors gave us their red Radio Flyer wagon. How lucky are we. We took it out for a test drive last night and the boys really liked it. They were more interested in the neighbor's dog that was in our yard, though. Chase came to my garden with me to see the growth since the rain. I swear it grew everything grew a foot! I can't believe it. Jeff and I had spinach for dinner and hope to have radishes this weekend. Chase enjoyed digging in the dirt and putting it on the wood. He wouldn't even look up at me despite the strange sounds I was making to try to get his attention. We have a future gardener on our hands.
Our little buddies in their new wagon. It even has cup holders!Chase looks fondly at Mommy.
Owen is looking at the puppy.
Our new ride.

Chasey digging in the dirt.
My garden after a good rainfall. It grew about a foot!
Chase balancing on the edge. This was a risky move.