Saturday, May 30, 2009

Big and Little

Chase and Owen are little. The new trees in our yard are big. They didn't seem to care about the trees or taking pictures.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day on Leech Lake

Owen resting with Daddy-oh so cute.
Jim and Jeff's walleye!
Susie and Chase at the cabin
Owen feeding Jeff his shoe
Here we are outside the Chase Hotel in Walker
Grandpa is teaching Chase "So Big"
The Berger's and Grandpa Mosser at the nursing home
Great Grandpa Mosser
Jim's hunting cabin
The Berger's including Great Grandma
At the hunting Cabin
Grandpa with his boys
Let's go for a ride!
Grandma snuggling with Owen
Jim with Chase and Owen as his seamen.
Susie, Owen, Jeff and Chase
Chase boy loving his attention.
Chasey in his bath
oOwen lounging on the grass.
Chase, Owen and myself playing with the Goofy Golf posts
Chase found his first dandelion. He loves plants.
Sandy, Chase, Jim, Jeff and Owen on the dock. Jeff was helping set up the dock.
Jeff and the boys in Leech Lake. Burr
Susie, Chase, Jeff and Owen
We had a fabulous long weekend "Up North" at Jim and Sandy's house on Leech Lake. The boys were wonderful, as usual, and explored to their hearts' content. The drive is about 4 hours and they were entertained by their new DVD player. They giggled at the animals they saw on the videos and napped some too. Friday we went for a pontoon ride and Chase and Owen wore their new life jackets. We explored the grass and Chase played on the beach in the sand. He decided to pull himself into the water and splashed around. He was so sandy and wet so we gave him a little bath outside in a wash basin. It was adorable watching him giggle, smile and ham it up. That night Jeff and I had a date night and were gone for a whole 1 1/2 hours. We don't know what to do with ourselves anymore. :) We had great Mexican food in Walker.

Saturday was a road trip day. We left early in the morning to visit places and people I had never seen. We went to Jim's hunting cabin outside Fosston, MN. What a beautiful sight. His land is gorgeous-covered with trees. His cabin was so cute and cozy inside with all the necessities. I even got to use the outhouse while we were there. Jeff took me on a 4 wheeler ride of the land and I saw trails, deer stands and luckily no bears. The boys wanted so badly to get down and explore but resigned themselves to being carried. After this we went to McIntosh, where Sandy grew up. Then on to Erskine where we visited Jim's Mom. We had lunch at the famed Ness Cafe and visited 2 of Jim's uncles. We then went to see Sandy's Dad, whom I had never met. He sure was excited to see us and loved the boys. The boys crashed on the car ride home and so did I!

Sunday was a lounging day. Sandy and I took the babies to town to shop and get some groceries. We stopped by the Chase Hotel for a picture with Chase. We ate wonderful food all weekend and next time we are up there we will eat the fish Jeff and Jim caught! Yum yum. What a great way to start off the summer. Lots of fun and nice weather.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's Only Fair-The Many Faces of Owen

I have to be fair. Looking back at my past posts I realized I haven't blogged about Owen much recently. He is a mover and a shaker. He doesn't sit still, loves to crawl as fast as he can and pull himself up and let himself down, over and over. He loves to explore his new motor skills and loves his Daddy best. He cuddles and is such a strong boy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Many Faces of Chase

We Call Him Fang

Chase has 3 teeth. Two on the bottom and one on the, affectionately called "The Fang". I love this picture as it shows Chase's fang.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This or That- 50/50 - One or the Other

One of my charming children-Chase-has learned to crawl on all fours! Most of you know he has been "army" crawling since the end of March. Some time last week he began using both forms of crawling. You never know which he is going to use. You may look over and see him on all 4s and we cheer, only to see him flop to his tummy and begin to pull himself-alternating front arms-across the ground. The only place I'm fairly certain he will crawl with his tummy off the ground, is on the grass. He doesn't like his knees or tummy to touch that grass. Watch this video-it's a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Chase starts out on his tummy and then pulls to his knees. Please ignore the background conversation Jeff is having with Owen regarding whoopie cushions. he he

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Cutest Pictures Yet

I'm not going to lie, and I'm not trying to brag, but I have some darn cute babies. (I'm trying to call them babies as much as I can before they turn 1, when they aren't really babies any more.) I think these pictures of them as brothers, hanging on for dear life, loving each other, are just the cutest I've ever taken. They just love to ride on their new bikes. Owen actually likes to push his while walking-which is quite new. Last night they both wanted the bike so I put Chase on it and put Owen behind it and he pushed Chase all over the living room. It was absolutely adorable. Both were having the time of their lives. My heart just melted.

The Cutest Sweaters

These sweaters were made by my friend, Dee. Aren't they just adorable! When I worked with Dee she taught me how to knit them. Then, when I had my own babies, I received them as a gift from her. Don't you just love the buttons? Obviously Chase did too, as you can see him grabbing for Owen's buttons.