Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Hidden Tooth and Two Sinus Infections

Chasey and Daddy
Snuggle time with Daddy

An intense exchange of love.
So the boys were back to the Dr. again today. After much debate I decided to take them in. Fevers, coughs, and general yucky feelings have been going on too long. The consensus? They both have a sinus infection. I'm so glad it was identified as SOMETHING and they are on antibiotics to get rid of it.

Also, while looking in Chase's mouth the Dr. and I found a hidden tooth! ha ha, it surprised the heck out of me. It's the top right incisor (eye tooth) tooth and it's weird because he doesn't have his top middle teeth yet. It was so cute just sticking out there. He never lets us in his mouth anymore so it's hard to tell what's going on in there. He is such a good boy, you'd never know he's teething. He has been on a lot of Tylenol to control his fever, so maybe that has helped disguise his pain. Anyway-it was exciting. The Dr. also noted that Owen's same tooth is about ready to pop through-which might account for some of his crabbiness. My parents are coming for a visit tomorrow and I can't wait! Oh-Chase climbed the stairs tonight! Yipee Chasey.

These pictures have nothing to do with the title of this post. I just love them so I thought I would share. Chase is in the white, Owen the blue. Can anyone tell them apart yet?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Thinking Inside the Box

We had some fun today in a big box. Don't you just love boxes and how easily they entertain children.

Chase is back on the nebulizer treatments for a cold that made its way to his lungs. He HATES the treatments-I mean HATES them. He cries the hardest I've ever heard him cry. I have to sing to him the entire time (many many verses of "The Wheels on the Bus", did you know there were cats, dogs and pigs on the bus?) and today he was so worn out he fell asleep. Praise God! He also had a high temp which scared me, but after discussion with the nurse, she said it was fine.

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I thought I should provide an update on little Stellan, for those of you who are following. He is currently in Boston, had surgery last week and is doing well. The surgery did not go exactly as planned, neither great nor terrible. They are waiting for him to have no SVT for 48-72 hours and then they think he will come home on meds to help regulate the SVT. Thank you for your prayers!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Owen holding on to the new gate we had to put up to keep them contained.
Owen and Chase playing on Daddy and having a good time.
Chase in Daddy's hat
Chase loving Daddy's hat
Owen's chubby chubby cheeks.
Owen wearing Daddy's hat
Owen on a walk
Chasey looking oh so cute as a little baby
eChase outside eating his snack. Notice it everywhere but in his mouth?

Not much is new around here. I had to come back and add a bit here. Obviously from what I wrote after that first sentence, there are new things! Owen is crawling like a big boy-everywhere and fast. He won't sit still for anything, including diaper changes. Have you ever tried to change twins and get some place on time? It's impossible. Jeff did a bunch of yard work today and I came out to see him sweating from trying to get the boys' diapers changed and their clothes back on. It was like I had been doing the yard work. You'll see many pictures of them without pants and it's mainly because it's too difficult to put pants back on! :) Chase can keep up with Owen-he can sure scoot if he's motivated. Motivation is the key word. Chase is so easy going that he doesn't really care if he sits in 1 spot the whole day. He'll find ways to occupy his time. Obviously I don't let him sit in 1 spot all day, but seriously he could! They both have been doing these big smiles that show off their 2 little teeth while wrinkling up their noses. It's hilarious. Every where we go lately we've been getting more attention than normal. With twins, you ALWAYS have attention. They are looking more and more alike when we go out-even I think so. I can always tell them apart, but they do look an awful lot alike. It's fun to watch the back of their heads in the stroller-always looking the same way, turning to look at something else at the exact same time-weird twin stuff. They get more and more fun by the day and we love them to pieces. We enjoy being outside, but that also requires me to be on major alert. Grass, leaves and yes, even mulch end up in their mouths. Not so good for the esophagus if it were to go down. Lots of things have been extracted from mouths, not so willingly. They are loving to eat by themselves! They have chunks of green beans, pears, black beans, crackers, carrots, broccoli, etc. They are really good at it. Owen is the best eater-he loves loves loves to eat and will sit there forever putting food in his mouth. He's pretty patient with the amount of time it takes him. Chase eats well, too-just gets a little frustrated sometimes and then bangs on his tray smashing the food and making it fly. It's a war zone-any where you walk you must be prepared to step in some sort of soggy veggie. Gross. We need a dog. A dog you don't have to take care of. Maybe the vacuum will have to do.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How Nice

I received the nicest Mother's Day gift in the mail on Monday. It was from my dear friends (family really) the Kings. If you can't read the writing on the apron, it says, "Super Mom". Isn't that sooooo nice?! I'm far from a super mom, but it's fun to wear around the house when I feel less than super. I was a "Summer Girl" (aka, Nanny) for the King's the summers of 1997, 1998 and a few weeks of 1999. It seems like it was yesterday, although it's been over 10 years. Boy did that experience teach me a lot about parenting, having 3 wonderful kids to take care of and wathcing it all be balanced very well. I learned a lot from Catherine and Ed, the parents, on how to parent 3 totally different kids. What a joy it was to be involved in the lives of Alexandra, Wilson and Graham.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Chase and Owen have been doing so many new things lately-it's amazing. Here is a list:

Owen: crawling, going from sitting to crawling, going from crawling to sitting, wanting to feed self, knowing to put the spoon in the food and then bring it to his mouth, clapping, pulling up on all furniture, only naps 45-60 min. now, wakes us up in the middle of the night because he is standing in his crib and can't get down, plays peek-a-boo, loves to hold some sort of fabric while sucking his thumb (i.e., blankie, his own shirt, my shirt, etc.)

Chase: took his first crawl step last week, that wasn't army crawling, took a 2 1/2 hour nap today, wakes up at 4:20 on the dot in the morning, loves to feed himself, loves to feed himself with the spoon by grabbing it out of our hands, knows how to tilt his head back to drink from a sippy cup, plays peek-a-boo, opens and shuts cabinets, feeds lamby with a spoon, blows air

Monday, April 20, 2009

TWO-God is Good

As I read, think and pray for my MOPS friend, Jennifer's little boy Stellan, I am overcome by gratitude to the God who saves me, that I have TWO healthy babies. I mean, TWO. The miracle of life is amazing. Having one healthy baby is amazing, I'm not trying to discount that, but imagine the miracle in having TWO! I have TWO reasons to believe in God, TWO reasons to get on my knees each day and praise the Lord, TWO reasons to laugh and giggle and learn not to complain.

When we first found out we were having a baby we were amazed. When I learned we were having TWO babies, I was in awe. As the pregnancy progressed and eventually the babies were born, I realized the significance of what had just transpired. God provided TWO healthy babies to us. Not only did he knit together one healthy baby perfectly, but he knit together TWO healthy babies, AT THE SAME TIME! There was enough space, enough fluid, enough nutrients, etc. Within minutes of each other they were born into this world. How does this happen? Seriously. Think about it. It's a true miracle. I wake up to TWO miracles daily. TWO babies born the same day, formed at the same time, in the same womb, turned out perfectly. How can you not believe in God?! It wasn't my good nutrition (Cheetos count, right?!), it wasn't the constant reading I did, it wasn't the weekly Dr. appointments I had, it was God. It was His hand in it all.

Did I mention we had a scare with Baby B (Owen)? At our 20 week, level 2 ultrasound we were told everything was great. When I got to my appointment my OB said, "You heard about the calcium deposit on Baby B's heart right?". um, no. I started freaking out as I heard it is a marker for Down syndrome. The Dr. said, "Baby B had no other markers of Downs, he will be fine." Um-you know the kids I work with daily right? This was not "fine". I was told my chance of having a baby with Downs just went up to 1/500, which are the chances a 35 year old woman faces when giving birth. This may seem unlikely to you, but at the time it was extremely scary to me. Of course we would have accepted a baby with Downs with nothing less than love and acceptance, but it was difficult. Because I was carrying twins there was no testing that could be done that was safe and would provide a definitive answer for us. We waited 18 weeks to find out if Baby B had Down syndrome. We prayed, we trusted, we waited. Praise God, when Baby B came out, he looked typical and we eventually found out he did not have Downs.

Miracles-they happen all the time. We have TWO! How about you? Miracles come in the form of Chase and Baby B, AKA, Owen. They also come in the form of Baby Stellan. Will you please continue to pray for him. Stellan goes into heart surgery tomorrow, a surgery that is rarely done on infants due to the complexity and difficulty of working with such a small heart. Pray for success!

Visit his and be amazed at the miracle of this child and his mother.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Away from the Boys

Friday night was my first night away from the boys. I went home to my parents' for my sister's bridal shower on Saturday. It was hard to leave Friday. I thought I would be fine, but saying goodbye was more difficult than I imagined. I knew the boys would be fine with Jeff, but I was sad to not see them go to bed and wake up and play in the morning. I had a few small tears, but since they were playing they didn't notice. Apparently Jeff did great! I called many times and the boys were always laughing and having fun. They had their naps, bottles, solids and went to bed on time. My husband is so great! It was so nice to be home as myself. I could concentrate on conversations, watch the gifts be opened, talk to many people and just be "me". It's hard to be "me" sometimes with 2 babies to take care of. Of course I'm still me, but it's a different me. I was extremely bored in the car-man it is a long 4 hours!

I asked Jeff if the boys seemed to notice I was gone. He so politely answered he didn't know but they were very clingy. I'm sure they had no clue. Although Sunday morning when I saw Owen he got a huge smile on his face and began crawling toward me right away! :) It was so good to be home and cuddle them. When I went in to check on them Sat. night they both looked so little in their cribs. When I'm with them every day I begin to see them as "big boys". In reality they are still little guys. It was a precious reminder of their "littleness".

Even though it was good to get away, it was REALLY good to get back!

Monday, April 13, 2009


So the boys have learned how to protest-throwing fits is what I call it. They aren't actual "fits", but could soon be. When they get an object taken from them, or don't get what they want fast enough-food, out of their seats, etc. they will open their mouths very wide and yell. It's not a cry, but a yell to tell us they are not happy. I captured a picture of Owen doing it. Actually it's mostly Owen who does this.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Fun

He is risen! It's an amazing day-a day I love. It's the day our Savior rose from death to live! Amazing. I hope your Easter is great, like ours was. We went to church and Jeff ushered. We dressed the boys in their Easter outfits-the scooter outfit we've had for over a year-waiting to use it. After church the boys took a mini nap on the way to Jeff's cousin's house for lunch. It was fun to be with family and we enjoyed all the kids. 3 sets of twins and 3 singletons-lots of kids.
Jeff and the boys
Momma and my Gems
The Berger family before Church. I'm holding Owen, Jeff-Chase
Owen reading his book from G and G Anderson
Chase chewing the head on his new lamb
Chase and Owen opening their Easter baskets from G and G Anderson
Happy Easter!
Aren't we cute in our Easter outfits?!
Chase and Owen opening their Easter package from Grandma and Grandpa Berger

Chase and Owen are Big Flirts! Shirts from G and G Berger
"You look funny!", "What are you looking at silly?!"
Chase and Owen love their Easter book from Auntie Kate

Owen loves his ears from G and G Berger
Chase's new bunny ears from G and G Berger

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Up Up Up!

Yesterday was a big day! We put Owen near the stairs and he climbed them! The first time he tried he did it. We were pretty proud and so was he.

And, it's official. The boys DO play Hide and Seek with each other. They did it last night while playing on the stairs. They were each on a side of the banister. Owen would slowly peek around, Chase would see him and slowly peek around and they were see each other and giggle. Then they would hide again really quick and start the whole thing over. It was adorable.
video video

Thursday, April 2, 2009


videoIn this video you'll see Chase and Owen in their cribs. This was taken last night after we put them to bed. It's kind of dark-sorry. Chase is in the right crib-Owen the left. Basically what is happening is that they are playing and talking to each other. Chase is scooting closer to see Owen. He then looks to the right-Owen crawls to the right to see Chase. Then they go to the left and talk and giggle. This goes on most nights and just cracks us up!

videoThis video is of Owen crawling, yesterday, I believe. He had been practicing crawling for about 4 weeks. Suddenly on Sunday, he was going. He hasn't stopped yet-especially if Jeff or I are in sight.

videoThis video of Chase crawling is precious. He pulls himself with his arms like he's army crawling. I think he looks like an inch worm. He can sure move when he wants to.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

9 months-High 5

Today the boys are officially 9 months old. Nothing like being 9 months on April Fool's day! :) The boys are officially crawling-oh boy. Not fast, but they can get around. Owen does the conventional crawl, Chase is army crawling. It's pretty funny and we are so excited and proud of them. Owen is a little unsure about himself so he takes his time lifting each leg out and then down-it's very cute. Chase just goes for it. In some ways they have switched personalities. If you remember, Owen was more "high maintenance". Owen is now more easy going, cuddly, soft and Chase is a maniac! :) He's so busy, yells, wants to be held. It's pretty funny. The videos on here are of Owen and Chase giving me a High 5. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It's pretty cute. They are kind of feeding themselves. It also takes awhile, but Chase is very persistent and once he figured out how to do it, he was off. Owen doesn't care as much about food as Owen, so he's a little slower-but is able. They are talking up a storm, love to stand, enjoy each other more and more by the day, love to reach for us to pick them up, love to be tickled and play "bumblebee". Have I mentioned lately how much I love being a mom to Chase and Owen. I really love them to pieces and love each moment of the day. They are wonderful, funny, sweet, loving little boys.
My sister was in town from Tuesday to Sunday for her bridal shower. She got to experience life with twins first hand and all that goes along with it. It was fun to have her here to help and the house felt a bit empty when she left. She helped me dress the boys in the tulle and give baths. My parents came that weekend and couldn't believe how much the boys had changed in 4 weeks. Playing around with tulle
what a pretty veil Owen
Cashed out in the car seat. How sweet
It's been a rough day for Chasey.
Lipstick? Nah-blueberries!

My sister, Kate, was in town last week for her bridal shower. My mom is on the far right, Kate is in red and Chase is wearing plaid.
Kate got the boys a cute lamb book for Easter
Giving the boys a bath.

video video