Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monkey Time

When we need some help calming the babies or just don't know what to do with them anymore we rely on the "Monkey". It is a Fisher Price toy that plays music, has lights and has a monkey swinging from a vine. It's very soothing and the boys have loved it from infancy. We turn on the music and their little heads turn right away to see the "Monkey". Thank goodness for toys like this! The problem now is that the boys have to lay head to head so they can both watch it. Sometimes they end up smacking each other as they reach for the monkey-of course they both need to be touching the toy. Then they roll over by accident and are on their tummies, mad. Oh the joys of being able to roll. It's all very funny.

In these pictures you'll see us being silly-blankies on the heads (they didn't even notice they were on their heads), Owen holding Chase's hand and arm, time in the exersaucers, etc.

Monday, January 19, 2009


As a Mom of twins I figured I know my babies inside and out and that I would never forget who is who in pictures, etc. Well . . . it's happened. I'm having a hard time telling the boys apart in their early pictures! I can't believe it. I'm so sad. I need to get Jeff at the computer and document who is who so we can remember years down the road. No wonder everyone kept telling us they looked so much alike!

I just can't tell you how special I feel to be the mom of Chase and Owen. Each day I'm amazed by them and the fact they are mine. They bring out the best in me and I want to be the best Mommy to them each day. This is not always easy, but I try to pray and ask for guidance and know God is providing for me.

Today I was at the computer with Chase. I was holding him up with one arm and using the mouse with the other. I got the feeling someone was watching me. I turned my head and sure enough, there was Chase's little face, just inches from mine, staring at me. As soon as I turned he started laughing! What joy for Mommy!

Owen and I were playing together today. He had a few toys around him that he really enjoys. He grabbed one of his favorites and looked up at me to see if I was there and gave me the biggest smile. My heart just melted. It was just a quick smile and he was back to his playing, but it was enough to let me know he knows Mom.

Joy fills my heart.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sour Apples

My parents have apples trees on their farm, so my Mom decided to make baby apple food for the boys. She brought it up and I finally had the chance to give it to them. Boy were their reactions priceless. Watch the videos to see! The apples were not quite to their sweet stage when Mom used them to make baby food. They were quite sour and even made me pucker when I tried it!
video video

Drinking water

Chase and Owen LOVE to drink from a cup or sippy cup! Whenever they see one they go nuts-waving their arms, kicking their legs, opening their mouths and sticking out their tongues. It's hilarious to watch them. Chase likes to stick his tongue in the cup and lick it. Owen always has his mouth open ready for the cup and then he likes to gnaw on it-up and down his little jaw goes. Actually both of them gnaw. We then let a little water drop in and typically it comes right back out-soaking their clothes. Oh well-it's good practice and quite entertaining! The first video is Chase drinking water. The second video is of Owen and Jeff.
video video

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Swimming (but not swimming pictures :) )

Today was a big day! It was Chase and Owen's first day at the swimming pool! I've been dying to take them, as I basically grew up at the swimming pool. I got everything ready-2 swim diapers, 2 swim trunks, 4 towels, outfits for after swimming, extra diapers, extra clothes, etc. and we were off. They LOVED it! I had Chase and walked into the swim area and he just began bouncing up and down and looked around with his eyes wide open. There were tons of kids and it was really loud, not to mention very warm. Owen and Jeff came out about 5 minutes later and Owen had an expression of awe on his face. We took them to the kiddie area where the water is very shallow, they have a little slide and toys that shoot water. We got in and they were able to stand in the water and we put them on their backs and tummies. Owen had a ball, he laughed, splashed with his hands, smiled and just took to the water right away. There was a water feature that allowed the water to fall like a waterfall. He LOVED it! Stuck his hand in and kept getting his face closer until he got water on his face. He didn't seem to mind. Chase is a little more reserved about new things. He looked around at all the people and smiled at a lot of the kids (he's the charmer). He may have been more interested in the people than the water. He laughed and smiled and had a good time too. He was a little nervous to be on his back, but allowed me to move him through the water like that for a little bit. He got some water in his mouth and coughed a bit. Overall it was a great experience. Jeff and I had a lot of fun, too. It felt good to get out of the cold and enjoy a little bit of summer. Can't wait for summer, by the way. Too bad it's like 5 months away . . .

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Chase and Owen have resumed their solid meal times since being sick over Christmas. I wouldn't say it's going the best. Owen gags and Chase can't get his thumb in his mouth fast enough after each bite. Twins mean double the time and double the mess. I just keep lots of napkins, wash cloths and bibs nearby and we go from there. Owen will open his mouth just a little bit and as soon as the spoon hits his lips he closes his mouth. Both Owen and Chase like to hold the spoon and try to "feed" themselves. They really just end up gagging as they put the spoon in too far. Things are always interesting at the Berger house.

pictures: Owen is wearing the blue tractor bib

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Last night at bedtime I had Owen on the changing table when Jeff brought Chase over. He lowered Chase to Owen's level and the two began to look at each other. Suddenly they were smiling and began laughing at each other. One would laugh and stop, then the other would laugh and stop. They went back and forth for quite awhile. They seem to really get a kick out of each other.

The boys are getting so big. They are sitting by themselves now, which you can tell from pictures. Chase is rolling over daily-getting stuck on his tummy. Owen is less likely to roll over as he is content on his back or side. He does do better on his tummy, though. They both like to eat at times, but not always. They are generally little happy guys, we just love to be around them and can't get enough of their hugs, slobbery kisses and hands exploring our faces. They are a miracle in our lives and bring us constant joy. What a great thing parenthood is!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas with the Andersons

We had Christmas at my parents' house this past weekend. My sister, Kate, and her fiance, Lane, were home too. It was a fun weekend of game playing, playing with babies, opening gifts, eating and laughing. It was nice to be home and felt just like Christmas. The boys got some great gifts, some of which they've already worn. Santa (Dad) even came to visit! We didn't know how the boys would respond, but they didn't seem to notice the guy in the red suit and big beard to be any different than the rest of us. Lane managed to put Chase to sleep one day.

Jeff is holding his new ultimate leaf blower in one picture.