Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thumb sucking and Halloween Preview

Chase and Owen suck their thumbs very differently. It's so funny to see them do it. Owen pushes his arm way out in front of him, brings it to his forehead and draws it down over his face until he reaches his mouth. Then he puts his thumb in his mouth with his fingers up by his nose. Chase sucks his thumb and his fingers go out to the side toward his cheek. He then uses the other hand to hold the fingers sticking out toward his cheek. They like their lovies (little blankies) now so they sometimes have those in their hands too. Owen sucks his thumb throughout the day, but Chase is more of a bed time thumb sucker. He likes the paci during the day.

I had to try out the Halloween costumes. Aren't they adorable? Chase is the baby smiling, Owen is napping.

Oh-yesterday at my ECFE class a public health nurse was there to talk with us. She brought a scale and we got to weigh our babies. They both were in the 15 lb. range! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Grandpa Jim

Grandpa Jim was back from Florida to do some hunting. He got to visit the boys before heading north. Jim and Sandy left about 2 weeks ago for Naples, where they live in the winter. It was a teary goodbye for Grandma Sandy.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


There is something very special about having twins.

I was just reading an article from the Star
Trib. regarding twins who were just born after having twin to twin transfusion. In this situation that occurs at times with identical twins, one baby gets more blood than the other, causing problems in both babies. This caused me to stop and think about Chase and Owen and realize, we have TWO babies! We have TWINS! There is something so amazing about that. It's just that I hadn't known anyone my age with twins, and now we are the ones with twins. It's just mind baffling. I know this may sound strange to you all considering we've known about them since December and have had them in our home since July. But each day is so normal to us. We know nothing more than having two. It's our life, it's just the way things are. Jeff and I don't even really refer to them as "twins". We call them Chase and Owen or the babies. I'll say it again, I'm in awe of the fact we have two babies, not one, but two of them. They are the same age, developing new skills within days of each other, doing the same things, etc. It's truly amazing. It's just nuts! God has blessed us abundantly. It is so much fun to get looks at the grocery store (it drives Jeff nuts) and have people come up to us and ask if we have twins (again, driving Jeff nuts), and tell us they have twins or are a twin (doubly driving Jeff nuts). I love it, I love that our boys are special (whose baby isn't special) and that people are interested in them. I love being a select few who have twins. Maybe it's just that I love our babies so much and that's why they are special to me. Yes there are always 2 diapers to change, 4 nostrils to de-booger, 20 toes to de-lint, 20 finger nails to clip and risk infecting, 4 ears to clean, 4 knees and elbows to unbend and clean, and 2 (well 9 in the case of our boys) chins to lift and clean, and I get so worn out I'm not sure how I will make it, but wow! I GET to de-booger 4 nostrils and clean 2 butts. What a privilege. I get to watch two totally different little boys develop along side each other. I get to see two brothers notice each other and interact for the first time. I get to witness brothers connect in a way only twins can. I get to tell others all the little things I notice that are different about Chase and Owen. I get to tell them the things that are similar. I get to study them all day long and love the fact they are different. I get to learn their cries so that now I can distinguish who's cry I hear. I get the be the mother of twins. What a special and privileged life I lead.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Things

Last night the boys interacted with each other for the first time! They've really been noticing each other for about a week, but finally looked at each other at the same time. They were smiling, cooing, and just having a good time looking at each other. They giggled at each others' movements and facial expressions and it was so sweet and amazing. Jeff got most of it on video, too.

Today they wore their first pair of jeans. It was cute, but they look a little uncomfortable if you ask me. We went to MOPS-mom's group at church-and showed off the jeans. Everyone thought they had gotten so big. It was fun. Owen got scared by the woman who was speaking and started to cry loudly. Later on Chase got mad about something and screamed a little. It was a stressful morning for me. I find myself enjoying time at home where I have control of the environment. Maybe I'll become a hermit.

We'd been dealing with some diaper rash a few days ago. They both had it but Chase was worse. I read about how to deal with it on line and we spent a lot of time letting the boys lay naked after each diaper change. This was interesting. I would lay out about 4 blankets in a big square and put them in the middle. That way if they peed it would be within the confines of the blankets. Boy did they pee! They peed on themselves, each other, the toys I forgot to move and of course, all over the blankets. But, it didn't matter-it all went in the wash and they had fun. The diaper rash is gone now! yipeee.

Hmmm, what else. . . I find myself exhausted still. I'm sleeping well at night and most of the time all night, but am still just pooped. I think it's because I try to do too many things during the day and don't really sit home until after supper. I ran into the wall today with my head I was going so fast. Jeff heard it from the kitchen. oops.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We're 4 months old

Today is Chase and Owen's 4 month birthday. They celebrated by sleeping through the night last night. Mommy and Daddy celebrated this morning! :)

They are just doing great. Rolling to their sides, eating 6-8 ounces, pooping lots, laughing lots, grabbing for items and taking good naps. We continue to be amazed that they are our babies and that they are growing so fast. I'm mourning the fact they are getting bigger so I keep stuffing them into their 0-3 month clothes. They look like the flood is coming. I guess we have just as cute 3-6 month clothes and I need to get over it.

Chase went in the exersaucer today for the first time. He liked it. We stuffed blankets in the front and back to prop him up. Pretty cute.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

These pictures show Owen and Chase sleeping after eating. Owen is "wearing" the burp cloth around his neck.

Jill Foss, my friend who I met at ISU, is holding Chase.
Today Jeff scared Owen for the first time and Owen cried so hard. Jeff and I usually talk to them in a high pitched voice and Jeff used his low voice and Owen jumped and immediately started crying. Poor guy. Chase is such a cuddler. He loves to rest his head on your chest or shoulder and just lay there. He is becoming more and more smiley and animated as he is talked to. This morning Owen's leg was partially sticking through the slats on his crib. Good thing he was wearing a sleep sack!


Monday, October 13, 2008

2 Years

Jeff and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary today. It was a nice day. We ate at Culver's for dinner in one of those huge family booths. Jeff on one side with Owen, me on the other with Chase. We snarfed our food to make sure the babes wouldn't act up. We then took a drive to locate the nearest US Bank ATM machine. It was the most romantic night of my life. Jeff vacuumed when we got home and I folded laundry. :) We are going to go for a nice dinner some time soon-my cousin Kristen is going to babysit. We just enjoy being a family, so it was a nice evening. We talked about the wedding and how great it was and how the past 2 years have been wonderful.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


The past 2 nights the little boys who have slept so soundly, decided to get up at 4:30 am. We were not expecting this and it has shocked us back into needing sleep! :) They are still our little darlings, but come on-what was that teaser about?

In the pictures we have
1-Chase's new open mouth smile
3-Chase and Owen-Owen sucking thumb
4-Chase modeling new knit hat by Mommy
5-Chase's wide eyes

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sleeping Through the Night and Thumbs

The boys are officially "sleeping through the night". We put them down between 8:30 and 9:00 and they get up about 6ish. It's amazing. They are such good little boys. We hear it all changes when teething starts, but for now it's great. Jeff and I are now having a hard time sleeping. I think our bodies have adjusted to less sleep and getting up at 4:00 am. We can't sleep very long and are awake on and off during the night. It's frustrating, but I'm sure we'll adjust.

Chase and Owen both like to suck their thumbs. They are so cute when they do it. They get really frustrated when they can't find their thumb. They also get frustrated when they are trying to fall asleep while sucking their thumb. Their little arms relax, the thumb falls out and they cry. They put the thumb back in and the whole thing starts again. They'll learn. The other day Chase had his thumb touching his chin and was sucking his lip-he must not have known it wasn't really his thumb! :) Owen is pretty efficient at finding his thumb. It's typically right in his mouth, fingers around his nose.

My aunt Mary visited the other day. My cousin Kristen and her daughter, Morgan babysat for me and Mary was in town from SD watching my cousin Kathryn's kids so she was able to meet C and O. It was so nice to see her. I've been so blessed by Kristen's willingness to take care of C and O for me.

Owen likes to talk to himself. He'll be in the pack-n-play just oohhing and ahhing. The minute you go look at him he stops and just smiles at you. Chase smiles a lot more now and is very into looking at toys and trying to grab them. It's amazing how different they are from each other. Sometimes it's difficult making sure they each get the attention they need, but Jeff and I constantly talk about it and make every effort to treat them as individuals. It's not easy though! I feel guilt about the time I have to divide between two babies. However, I know I'm talking to them not stop when they are awake, I sing dumb songs about poop and diapers, let them smell food while I'm cooking and read them books. I think I'm doing ok. Yesterday we all (the 3 of us) sat in the chair and read a book about little animals and Jesus loves me. They were pretty attentive through the first book and it was fun to be cozy together. It's always interesting getting them both on my lap at the same time. Good thing they are flexible!

Chase and Owen are starting to notice each other a little more. Chase notices Owen more than Owen notices Chase. Yesterday he looked at Owen and smiled and giggled. Owen just looked at me. They definetly know their Mommy! I love it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Owen and Chase slept through the night last night!!!! It's a miracle! We put them down about 9:15 and at 5:15 I awoke to Owen crying. I couldn't believe it. They were such good boys. I woke Jeff up to tell him and he was so out of it he kept asking me what day it was. He thought he was late for work. Last night was the first night we put them in their own cribs, so maybe that had something to do with it. Whatever it was, it was great to sleep 6 1/2 hours straight (that's what I got). yipee.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mommy's big boys

Owen looks out the window. I got too much soap in the water! :)
Chase looks happy in the bath.

video video

Go Cyclones!!!!

thanks for the gear grandpa!